ecto Rocks!

This all started out of my frustration that everything in my life never seemed to work as advertised, I was Boggled why everything was harder than it needed to be, I was Boggled that nothing ever worked together, I was Boggled that Companies and People didn’t “Get It” and I was Boggled that even my blog software was a daily dose of frustration. It was convoluted and exasperated me at every turn and it was GOOD compared to some others I had looked at. Doing a text post was easy, adding a picture to it took work. If I was a true geek none of this would have been a problem. I am not, just a guy that likes to take pictures and learn new things. Then I discovered ecto, it is an absolute joy to use. It works intuitively and quickly. I can work on or off line. I can post just a photo or I can add a photo and text to a post by clicking a single button. No more resizing and saving, no more exasperation, no more planning ahead to do a post. It works beautifully with TypePad and iPhoto. It delivers more than it promises, which is rare in anything these days. The few times I needed any help Adriaan the developer was great and willing to help. It is one of the few programs I have used that sells itself and should cost more than it does. For the first time in a long time I am not Boggled. If you use TypePad or Bloggger or a host of others, go take ecto for a spin. You will be happy that you did. Also a big Thank you to Adriaan for improving the quality of my life and for making it easier to do what I want. Finally, somebody gets it.

Open Pandora’s Music Box and Google Talk

I have been playing with Pandora while installing Google Talk on the PowerBook and the old ThinkPad tonight. Both have been ridiculously easy to use. Pandora helps you to discover music based on the Music Genome Project. You will need to request an invitation to join from Pandora during the invitation only period. It only takes a day to get it. I have been playing with it for a few days and it has already introduced me to more good new music than I expected. Take it for a spin.

Discover New Music – Pandora.

As for Google Talk you need a Gmail account to join and it is a one click install. To easy. Bummer that the VOIP only works on a PC. If you need a Gmail account email me and I will send you one. I have a ton of invites since I signed everyone in our family up with an account. Really, how many Gmail invites are a 5 and 3 1/2 year old going to send to their friends? Wait, I take the part about Dain back. He may have already sent all of his out even if he is only 5. Anyway with Google Talk, maybe Google will finally open up Gmail to the public on Wednesday and you won’t need one of mine and I can hoard them forever then. Or sell them on eBay.

Google Talk.