Lance is Podcasting on the Tour

I love that Lance is Podcasting from the road daily during the Tour. As a long time fan I was hard pressed to get any information on the Tour in the States. Coverage has come a long way from 1988 when the Denver Post ran a 2 inch column on the daily GC and you were lucky if ESPN had a weekly 30 minute recap on the Tour once a week at 2AM. If you are using iTunes 4.9 go to Advanced/Subscribe and paste the feed URL there.

Thanks to Micro Persuasion for pointing me to Lance Armstrong’s daily podcast. Also check it out, it’s worth the read.

Here is the feed for the Podcast Subscribe to Lance’s Podcast

Boggled: Nikon D100 and the 4 Digit Frame Counter

I am Boggled by my Nikon D100. I originally bought my D100 to replace an aging Nikon Coolpix 995. The Coolpix was a great camera unless you were trying to capture an image of anything that moved. It worked great when my kids were babies but when they learned to crawl forget it. The shutter lag was enough so that you missed whatever you were trying to capture. I also had a Nikon F100 at the same time and found myself going back to it on a regular basis. After the immediacy of digital and the cost of a million diapers, wipes, cribs, toys and bottles. Film and developing costs had lost their allure. So off to eBay to reallocate resources for the purchase of the D100. I purchased the D100 when they first came out and you were lucky to find one in stock. I rounded one up and had it shipped the next day (Cord Camera in Columbus, Ohio-Great Folks). Roll the clock ahead almost two years…

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Blue Heron

Blue Heron

I live in Colorado and Blue Heron’s are not an everyday experience. Imagine my surprise when this BIG ASS BIRD lands on my fence. I think he was shopping for lunch in my neighbor’s Koi pond. I had just enough time to grab this shot and then he was off for his snack.