Boggled: Nikon D100 and the 4 Digit Frame Counter

I am Boggled by my Nikon D100. I originally bought my D100 to replace an aging Nikon Coolpix 995. The Coolpix was a great camera unless you were trying to capture an image of anything that moved. It worked great when my kids were babies but when they learned to crawl forget it. The shutter lag was enough so that you missed whatever you were trying to capture. I also had a Nikon F100 at the same time and found myself going back to it on a regular basis. After the immediacy of digital and the cost of a million diapers, wipes, cribs, toys and bottles. Film and developing costs had lost their allure. So off to eBay to reallocate resources for the purchase of the D100. I purchased the D100 when they first came out and you were lucky to find one in stock. I rounded one up and had it shipped the next day (Cord Camera in Columbus, Ohio-Great Folks). Roll the clock ahead almost two years…

I just rolled the frame counter over to 9999 and found that it resets to 0001. A small thing I know since I rename most of pictures now, but in those early days I didn’t. I read somewhere that if you didn’t your numbering scheme meant your were a subscriber to the “I don’t know and I don’t care” philosophy and naming format for your images. They disappear into the twilight zone of unrecognizable numbers never to be found again. Those early pictures are lost in a a sea of DSCxxxx. I worked my way out of that as I developed my own workflow discovering what did and didn’t work as I went along. I am knocking them down and renaming them a little here and a little there. Whenever I can find the time between running a company, raising a 3 and 4 year old, keeping my wife happy, Pulling weeds and cutting grass, cleaning up dog poop, and everything else life has a tendency to through at us on a day to day basis. You know exactly what I am talking about, you do it, or some variant of it, everyday in your life.

Why am I Boggled now? How much would it have cost Nikon to include a Frame Counter that was 5 Digits instead of 4. I am guessing a whole Dollar maybe even Two. Just think then I could have a numbering scheme in my camera that goes all the way to 99,999 instead of 9999. I feel cheated. I don’t know why it irritates me so much it just does. It seems to me that it is one of those things that they know you will overlook in the specs or find out about WAY after they have my money.

If anyone can share with me why I wouldn’t want it that way please educate me, I am open to finding out the philosophy behind it and to find the enlightenment that comes with understanding. For now I am just Boggled again and looking for anyone to share with me a company that under promises and over delivers on anything. when was the last time you had an experience like that?

What I really want is an F100 version of the Nikon D2X and I want to pay no more than $2000 bucks for it. I miss the feel and the build quality of the F100 compared to the D100. I miss the Flash Sync speed, I miss the the bombproof feel. When you hold the two in your hand the F100 walks away from the D100 all day everyday. So here I am Boggled again wondering if I even give a shit about a Global Economy that can’t deliver what I think other people and I want. Why Not? End Rant.