I am continually amazed at how Boggled I am by technology. I have been boggled by my PC’s, boggled by Photoshop, boggled by my home network, boggled that almost everything I wanted to do was harder than it needed to be. I considered myself reasonably intelligent, and then I bought my first PC (1991). I thought I was stupid, nothing did what I wanted it to do. I recovered and bought several more over the next decade. Still Stupid, still trying to do what I wanted to no avail. Time went by and I wanted to scan my own photos into Digital files so I went and bought a Photo Printer and a Scanner for my slides. I scanned and printed my first pictures and they looked like crap. I thought I was Stupid, again. I recovered again, bought a Nikon Coolpix 990, and tried to figure out why my Photo skills had suddenly abandoned me. I was stupid AGAIN. Yet again, I came back from the edge and bought a Nikon D100. This time I was going to be smart and got a couple of books to help. It Rocks that I don’t have to buy film or pay for developing, it sucks that now I am the Photo lab. Where did I end up? Same result, yep I am definitely stupid. After a couple of months I became delusional and thought that, I could regain my intelligence, so I went and bought an Apple Powerbook and a copy of Photoshop. What? Yep I am getting smarter. Started learning and using Photoshop, figured out how to profile my printer, calibrated my monitor, learned about ICC profiles and why I needed them, sent my pictures to the lab after installing the profile from the printer, with a target print in hand started printing. Woo Hoo! Not perfect but a MAJOR improvement. Yep, getting smarter everyday. I was and will continue to be boggled by technology, my camera, my printer, even on occasions my Powerbook (usually because I over think it) but there is hope that I can get to where I need to go now. At least I am moving in the right direction. Day to day my workflow improves and becomes better organized and more efficient. I am learning how to conquer Photoshop CS, Nikon View, Nikon Capture, and my favorite iView Media Pro 2. I am confident enough that I thought I would throw a little Typepad into the mix as I go forward. The absolute worst thing that can happen is that I get stupid again. Hopefully I can make some progress in my photography skills and keep others from getting stupid. At the very least maybe, they can have some consolation that they are not alone in their stupidity.