The Flu and the Economy

Sick, sick as a dog, sicker than I can ever remember being in my life. The flu literally kicked my butt for two weeks. One week of the Flu and a glorious dry unproductive cough for the next week. When it started to gurgle in my chest I enlisted the help of the local medical community to prescribe Zythromax to kill anything in my body that was not supposed to be there. I am now buried so deep in my life that they have to pipe light into me. I figure that by the time Christmas comes I can wrestle some control and organization back into it. So far I am losing ground. Now I have to go to the Mall and buy Christmas presents for a 3 year old when all I really want to do is minimize any contact with the Flu Stricken Population of Colorado. Hark is that a cash register I hear? My duty to save the American Christmas Traditions of Merchandisers everywhere beckons me. Everywhere I go I hear that wonderful non productive cough. I wonder can you catch the Flu twice or am I now immune? What if this strain mutates into another different strain? Wait it already did that. Boy, am I glad I got a Flu shot. Off to the Mall I go now to single handedly save the Economy with my credit cards.