Dain playing Soccer

Who could believe that winning your first Soccer Game could make a kid so happy. I watched the little guy run around like a boy possessed, laughing and giggling the entire time. I always told myself that I would never be like all the friends I have had over the years that do nothing but talk about their kids. Little did I know, nor was I prepared for, the fact that raising and playing with your kids is most of what you do in a day. The most amazing thing is that it’s all I want to do. I never imagined that it could be so important to me. Simply by becoming a Parent I discovered what love and purpose where. I also discovered patience, exhaustion, control issues, how bad Poop stinks, that I am a night person, and how that doesn’t work when both of your kids are morning people. It doesn’t matter to them what time you go to bed, they are ready to go when the sun cracks the horizon. I especially like it when they come in and open all the shutters so the day can begin. Ready or not here it comes. I am especially proud of the fact that I accomplished something neither of my parents ever did…I watched my son play a soccer game. Dain, I promise that I will be at every game you play in your life with the exception of War or an Act of God. If I can be there, I will be.


Your Dad


2-1 Daddy!