Jasper Lake BC

Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, Alberta 1984

I found a bunch of great old Kodachrome 64 slides from a summer spent traveling in British Columbia and Western Alberta. Originally we were going to Alaska but BC and Alberta were absolutely spectacular. We always found something else that had to be done and we never made it to Alaska. All of the slides need a little work to restore the color, or I need to get a better scanner, but after 20+ years and moving a bazillion times I’m lucky to still have them. Great memories of a great summer. These were shot with my first 35mm Nikon FE Body, one of which I still own. The excitement of buying it in 1981 in West Yellowstone, MT, the glee I experienced when I got my first real film developed, is memorable to this day. I particularly enjoyed throwing my Kodak 110 Cartridge Camera (POS!) into the trashcan. For 5 months I roamed the length and breadth of British Columbia. To be young and carefree with no kids, no mortgage, lots of film, and no job. Aaaah! That was the life! Wait, I was miserable, lonely, and filled with the angst of youth. Nope, I think I’ll keep what I have. A great wife (most days) and two rockin kids that laugh everyday. Oh, don’t forget the dog and the mortgage!


Maligne Lake Jasper, Alberta