When I was 2


John F. Kennedy is Inaugurated as President.

Segregation ends at Atlanta Schools and Lunch Counters.

All Three TV Channels signed OFF the Air at Midnight.

I had to get up to change TV Channels.

I thought the National Anthem was a lullaby.

I had jars of Lightning Bugs in my bedroom.

Electric fans DO lull you to sleep.

Kuwait gains independence from Great Britain.

The Cold War is daily news.

Duck and Cover is taught for survival during Nuclear Attack.

The Bay of Pigs fails miserably.

I got my First Puppy.

Her name was “Poochy”

The Berlin Wall is Built.

America commits to more funds and advisors to South Vietnam.

We still believe what the Media Printed and Reported on TV.

Mike Ditka and Jimmy Johnson are drafted into the NFL.

I was unaware of most of it.

I was Happy.

Life was Perfect.

As it was then, so it is now.