Carnival Night 2

Carnival night for the kids, they had an absolute blast. When I was a kid a successful night at the carnival was measured by whether or not someone puked.

By that measure, we had a successful night. I was stripping beds and doing laundry at 2AM. It was worth it.


Photo Friday: Chaos Carnival Night

2 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Chaos Carnival Night

  1. Cool Picture. Your Boggled site is really looking cool. I love the life poster at the bottom. I’d like to see more great shots of your kids. And maybe a cool shot of your lovely wife too. Photoshop her face into a daisy. đŸ™‚

  2. one of the best slow exposure/bulb shots I’ve ever seen! WOW WOW. Awrsome shot. The ride looks like a ball of fire. Curious what camera, lens, and settings you used to get this great shot! It should be in a magazine!

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