After the Parade

After the Parade

The remainders of the parade. The parade may be over but even today there remains evidence of the day taped, stuck, wrapped, and strapped to the bikes. The decorations are more battle scarred than what you see here, but I know we are going to live with what’s left till it all falls off.

Aspen 4th of July Parade


On two wheels for the first time AND big enough to ride his bike in the 4th of July Parade. The hardest part of the day was getting him to wait for the parade to begin. The second hardest thing was keeping up with him. On your Mark, Get Set, Go!

Absolutely Amazing…Pieter Weening Wins Stage 8 by .0002 Seconds

It boggles me that you could ride 235.5 Kilometers and your winning margin is less than a Centimeter. It is the smallest margin in Tour history. The officials had to rely on the official timing system time sensors, that are on every bike, because the photo finish was to close for proof positive to determine the winner. Unbelievable. 146 miles and you win by less time than it takes to blink. The biggest question though is where the heck was the Discovery Team? Lance all by himself chasing down attacks. They must have decided to take the day off. Maybe it”s just a strategy to lull everybody else into thinking they don’t have it this year. Let’s hope so. Oh, by the way, that’s 1/8000 of a second.