New Orleans and Outpost Crystal

I have been following the LiveJounal Blog of Michael Barnett and his WebCam Feed since Monday. Michael Barnett and the staff of Intercosmos Media Group and directNIC are a web company holed up in their 10th floor Data Center in a 27 story skyscraper since Sunday Morning. They are located in the Central Business District in Downtown New Orleans and are fighting to keep their Data Center live and the 800,000 customer web sites that would go down if they surrendered the position. They are surviving on food that the company brought in for employee lunches before the storm and a diesel generator. You can subscribe to the feed or click on any of the links I added under “Interdictor” in the right column of Boggled. Digital Pictures can be found here and here. It is absolutely amazing to see and read what is going on live in New Orleans. Michael has added more recent picture links here

That being said, please give to the Red Cross or any of the other charities listed here. You can also click on the Red Cross Banner in the sidebar to go to the Red Cross donation pages.

You can also see complete coverage by The Times-Picayune who for the first time in their history are publishing exclusively on the web.

Here are photos being uploaded by people to Flickr and tagged hurricanekatrina and katrina, some are beyond my imagination.

Remember also that the most important thing in life is the health and safety of our loved ones. My heart goes out to all the people of the Gulf Coast that are living, and dying, through this catastrophe as I type this. It’s sobering. Please donate. I did.