LibraryThing | Catalog your books online

Last week I wished that I had kept a list of all the books I have read in my lifetime. This week I find a great website that let’s you catalog the books you have read or want to read in an online catalog. I have used it all of 15 minutes and love it. LibraryThing let’s you create your own library of up to 200 books for free, or for $10 during the Beta you can add all you want forever. They pull from the Library of Congress and Amazon to give you access to everything. The best trick is that they use Tags like Flickr and do so you can organize and share your books. What makes this so brilliant is that they let you browse the Zeitgest by either Tag Cloud or Author Cloud, also by Genre, Top 25 books, and the 25 largest user libraries, etc. See something you have read in another users library? Want to add it to yours? Click on their Graphical Shelf and then click on the book to add it to your catalog. It’s easier than typing in every one of your books one at a time. You can also add books by using the ISBN number. Since they already pull from Amazon, I wish it had a category for music and movies and let me add those to my catalog using the ASIN numbers also. Let’s all send them an email to see if that can be done in a future update. I foresee a long future with LibraryThing.

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