LibraryThing Love Fest!

My hat is off to Tim Spalding for a beautiful piece of work. I just added my first 100 books to LibraryThing and I am in LOVE! You have to understand something about me to really get this. I collect Library cards. I read, I read a lot. I currently have 4 library cards and one of those is the King Daddy of all Library cards, a Library of Congress card. I am perversely proud of that fact. My entire life is threaded with books and libraries. Everywhere I have lived I found a library and got a card. Just yesterday I took my 3 and 5 year old to the local library to get their own cards. We spend lots of time there and it was time to get them their own. So now you understand my relationship with books. Maybe, double whatever your thinking and your closer. If you have that kind of relationship with books, you need to go to LibraryThing right now and sign up. You get to catalog 200 books for free or pay $10 to catalog, manipulate, explore, and discover more books than you can imagine, for the rest of your life.

Did you hear me?


Get it? Good! Do it now.

One thought on “LibraryThing Love Fest!

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