Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida, originally uploaded by Rick.

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I grew up in the South and had moved out West for several years. I had an opportunity while visiting my parents in Georgia to go visit friends living in Ft Lauderdale for a couple of days. Why not? Free place to stay, free food, an ex girlfriend to revisit, a couple of days in the sun. Worked for me! Go to the beach for the day? Nope. It’s Windy, Cloudy and Cold. Day after day. The day I am leaving I say the heck with it! I gotta go to the beach just to feel the sand, listen to the waves, and to smell the salt air. I show up to a deserted beach and a lone person stretching for their run.

I took this picture the last time I stood on a beach…

24 years ago.

Old Kodachrome 64 slide scanned with a cheap scanner. Sorry about the noise.

Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida